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"Fighting for Life"

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The Academy Award-winning team of Terry Sanders and Frieda Mock have begun phase one of the "Fighting for Life" reality drama feature film. The film examines military medicine, the Uniformed Services University, and the role of medical personnel currently serving in the U.S. Military around the world.

Through film and television distribution, the film aims to:

• Promote the USU role in educating military physicians, nurses and the graduate students (both civilian and military).

• Promote recruitment of students into USU and the military medical professions.

• Tell the story of USU graduates, physicians and nurses saving our troops lives, who are in battle or facing life-threatening diseases.

• Give comfort and support to the U.S. armed forces who are fighting to protect the country.

• Describe the mission and story of military medicine, its nurses and physicians, which is: health; healing, hope and humanism.

Film Description

The opening of "Fighting For Life" will show footage of military medical personnel working in harrowing combat situations. It will illustrate their dedication and skill as they attend to wounded personnel within the first hour, or "Golden Hour," as it is known.

The film will be an exciting and eye-opening journey; a cinematic portrait of this extraordinary, vital, yet little-known institution, which dates its inspirational roots back to 1804 when a Navy surgeon, Dr. Lewis Heerman, volunteered to go into harm's way. He famously replied, "My life is not more valuable than that of any other, my presence might save lives, and will not sailors more regardlessly expose themselves when they know aid is near at hand."

The film will show USU's emphasis on preventive medicine and its contributions to research and technologies that benefit civilian as well as military medicine.